Thursday, September 16, 2010

More class work.

Tim Berners-Lee, Internet Pioneers.

I found this really really interesting and actually something that I think people should know, at least people who are always on the web! and of course NESComers. It's such a large part of everything we do here at NESCom.
I found all info about his past interesting but the thing I honestly found the most interesting is that you can contact him yourself. I just feel like that isn't really offered really at all in today's world. I guess kindness is just something that amazing me. : ) As I believe it will most people.
Also I found that 10 thousand hits a day in 1993 is so many! I know sites get so many more today but I didn't even know of the internet in 93 granted i was like 4 but I don't even think my parents knew about the internet. Plus access to the internet back them was so much more limited.
I also think it's amazing how many achievements he's had in his life and just the amount of achievements he's had is something for everyone to strive for.

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