Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Class work.

I'm taking a Web Technologies course this semester because we all know I could use to help with computers & the internet in general, pluss we get to learn alot of other neat things.
So this post is just for that class!

"Write about how you use the Internet in your daily life and why it is or is not important to you”
I use the web for many things: this blog (still needs a little touching up), army wives forum, email, IM's, facebook, skype, shopping, homework (like this!), so many different things, I'm sure I've forgotten something.
I find it very important. Not only for homework needs and research but also for social life in today's world, also it's a great way to find support among others who are going though a simular thing as you (forums). I find the web to be very important but I'm finding out right now that I am able to live without it... or atleast mostly without it. The internet in the dorms stinks! Our wireless is out so were back to the stone ages (haha) using "wired internet" but event that isn't really working great and cuts out alot. But still I couldn't see myself without the internet!


  1. Losing the internet for some is like losing the phone or the tv. Wonder which one people would choose, no phone, no tv, or no internet? -laura

  2. hah! that's a good question... I personaly think I'd choose my phone because I can get the internet on it and I can watch shows on the internet hopefully you can do that on the phone.