Tuesday, September 28, 2010

class work : )

Photography has always seemed intersting to me but has way to many terms to remember and little photoshop things to remember also! Were lucky I can do this basic stuff in class!

But today I did learn alot that I found very intersting and some of it even jerked my memorie from Video 1 a few years back... surprising, I know. : )

I found the most insteresting thing we learned to be about the different lences and how they could change how the "same shot" looked. Like the baseball game how from the camera behind the pitcher both the pitcher and the batter look the same size. When really there's like 60ft between them... it's amazing to me how a camera can do that. Also to my dad when I told him about it. I also didn't know there were so many different lences. That's nuts! & now I see where all my money payed to NESCom goes... hahah!

It blew my mind how pictures use to be taken... the work that went into taking those pictures is unreal. And it's also unreal how much detail they showed when back then. But the real topper about "older" camera's is that the Bangor Daily New's paid 20,000 for a camera that larry said basically stunk! For sure they didn't know it when they bought it but still that much for a camera any day, any camera... what were they thinking!

I also learned about flicker...yes until today I had no clue about flicker I always just use tinypic.com. It's awesome how you can put as many pictures on flicker as you want for just 24 dollars. I'm for sure doing this asap because god knows when & if my computer crashes there go all my personal pictures.

Today I learned about gain (has to do with the sound), the Navy actully being apart of the light settings & such, and also an important lession about the EDC... they don't fool around! Don't bring your stuff back late! EVER! I can't believe someone was made to pay 60 dollars. I understand the reasoning I just find it crazy!

So now I'm going to go to a yard sale and look for a camera that say "DIW or ASA on it, so it will be 20 year's old or older and worth some money. So I can pawn it then pay NESCom so they can buy a fancy new one. : )

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