Sunday, September 5, 2010

class work.

Here are the link's to semi intersting but yet boring vidoe's we watched in class & for homework.
We also had to read a little history of the internet.

I found these a bit boring partly because I believe I watched them in Scott Taylors class but also subject just doesn't interst me. I love internet and use it alot of course. But the history of it... eh, I could do without. I personaly found reading the history better then watching it. It was so hot in class I wanted to fall asleep... But reading atleast kept me awake! hah. : )
I think it's really intersting how during an "era" we think we have the best tech. and that we can't think of how of anything that we could be more advantanced. but they always find something more advanced.
I didn't know that "button's" were inveted so long ago. During web design I thought they were so complex and kinda hard to do and to think that back during the 70's ,I believe, they were doing something like that, atleast starting it! To me that was the most interneting part! : )
& of course I love the internet for facebook, twitter, youtube and all those fun modern things! :)

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  1. if you find one more interesting, help me out here.. *smile*
    but it does show the change from then to now!