Friday, December 3, 2010

The sematic web (class work video)

So I'm sitting here watching this sematic web video right now trying to keep my eyes open! Don't get me wrong this man is basically my hero... where would we be without the internet today? I'm pretty sure I couldn't even function without it! I got almost a day without checking facebook or my email and I'm in a panic!
But really as much as I love and adore the internet & this man... none of this is interesting like it should be! Especially for someone taking a web tech class! and at least so far everything seems like the first videos we watched in class about the history of the web. But as I'm watching I have a question... what are the sofa's under the big screen for? hah... do they have a point!?
I also feel like ( at least to me)the internet has been around forever, I know it really wasn't, but I feel like this man should be older then he looks! He looks a tad young to have invented such an amazing life changing thing!
In general that is sadly about what I have gotten from this video. : ( It just couldn't keep my attention. : (

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

class blog.

The video from last class wasn't exactly interesting to me. Sometimes it made me laugh when they would talk about myspace... such an old social media site. But the references were just so funny!
I think we had basically already talked about everything the video talked about. The google stuff... and if we hadn't covered it in class we've been talking about it in my public relations tech class with our CR-Z project. Were learning all kinds of ways to see how many people have been to our! : )
I did agree on the fact that you have to build the website for the user... I feel that sometimes people forget this. like the terrible websites we looked at a couple classes ago. Just because you know how to use it and what every little circle link does doesn't mean your consumer will!
Interactive websites are very interesting and I would like to see more of them... I actually googled them but I didn't find a lot. hah. They are not only fun to plan on and spend time at but they are interesting to look at.
The video was boring for the most part but there were some things that could be interesting. : )

Saturday, November 6, 2010

oh video... (class blog)

I can't say that I learned much I didn't know. It was more of a refresher from when I took miserable Video 1.
But I did find out assignment very interesting. Who knew replacing two shots could do so much. Not me that's for sure. It was pretty neat to watch how that worked with everyone's video's.
Also I enjoy doing the video stuff, it was different then the normal computer in front of us.
I think it was good to recall these things like the headroom, tilt, pan, the rules and such. Video could be used in anyone's job down the road and a refresher is always good.
I wish we would of had been able to try to edit a video on our own. As much as it would of taken time and you aren't able to do so in the meeting house I feel like for this being a starter class some students may not know that you have to edit your own videos here at NESCom and I feel like even one class over in NESCom playing around with editing would of been neat : ) at least maybe for future classes : )

Friday, October 29, 2010

love this.

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I'm not fully postive on these anwsers because of oversleepyness! : ( But I will do my best off the notes you provided and my basic video knowledge. : )

What are the concepts that Frank Welch went over? The concepts in general would be composition, rule of thirds. There are so many differnt compositions like: head room, nose room, tilt, pan, 2/3's rule, action shoots, still shoots, and fram & such. : ) For the rule of thirds is just like when we learned about phototograhy, you don't always want everything dead middle.... the best stuff normaly isn't shoot center!

What is the impact of editing a video? I personaly think that editing video is what makes a video amazing. Just like the CR Zazzy video that was just made for my PR Tech class. The shoot was done very well but also the editing was amazing. The music added in was perfect for the target market along with the color's looking great the cuts being clear and matching up with well placed fades and cuts.

What did you "learn" about video? From reading the notes provided I learned a bit about the X,Y,Z thing. I don't recall ever learning that and I find it very intersting. When I took intro to video i never really thought about my distance from whatever i was shooting really. I just made sure it fit in the screan and looked clear and foused and was white blanced.

What would you like to learn about video? Personally video isn't my favorite thing to learn about... I'll take marketing over it anyday! : ) But I'd love to have a better understanding of how to make a video look good, like how to take a good shot from an angeal that looks great!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Learning Video (class work)

The most intersting part of the video class today was how funny I found the guy to be (I even put that in my notes).

I find the video things pretty boring, one full video class for me was more then enough!
But I did learn a few thinsg today like that bandwidth basically gave us HDTV. Without bandwidth HDTV would be like impossible, and that would be a sad day. : (
Also I learned the difference between a byte, a kilo byte, a mega byte, a giga byte and a tera byte, which I'm pretty sure I was the only person at NESCom not to know what they were... but all that has changed : ) I now understand the NESCom byte lingo.

I also learned alot about compression which honestly got a bit confusing. I think NESCom should have there own dictionary, I sure could of used one with all the terms that come along with compress. Like for temporal compression, Iframes (less compression), pframes (more compression that doesn't have to write so much info) and bframes, where well honestly I got so lost!

Todays topic was actully pretty intersting but also very confusing in a way! Over all I learned something that maybe I'll use someday? : )

Hope your day is going better Mrs. Gurney. : )

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shopping day : )

Today I found some pretty awesome sales... The best had to be at Old Navy, I don't normaly find anything there but I stoped in anyways & found a plad scarf for 3 dollars : ) I love it!
Also I found some winter boots finally...
Normaly they are so ugly or so much money. I have a hard time spending money on boots to wear in the snow!
I got sporto duck boots. I love them! They are so cute : )
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Now I kinda can't wait for snow to fall so I can wear them!

any idea's on jackets? : )

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

class work : )

Photography has always seemed intersting to me but has way to many terms to remember and little photoshop things to remember also! Were lucky I can do this basic stuff in class!

But today I did learn alot that I found very intersting and some of it even jerked my memorie from Video 1 a few years back... surprising, I know. : )

I found the most insteresting thing we learned to be about the different lences and how they could change how the "same shot" looked. Like the baseball game how from the camera behind the pitcher both the pitcher and the batter look the same size. When really there's like 60ft between them... it's amazing to me how a camera can do that. Also to my dad when I told him about it. I also didn't know there were so many different lences. That's nuts! & now I see where all my money payed to NESCom goes... hahah!

It blew my mind how pictures use to be taken... the work that went into taking those pictures is unreal. And it's also unreal how much detail they showed when back then. But the real topper about "older" camera's is that the Bangor Daily New's paid 20,000 for a camera that larry said basically stunk! For sure they didn't know it when they bought it but still that much for a camera any day, any camera... what were they thinking!

I also learned about flicker...yes until today I had no clue about flicker I always just use It's awesome how you can put as many pictures on flicker as you want for just 24 dollars. I'm for sure doing this asap because god knows when & if my computer crashes there go all my personal pictures.

Today I learned about gain (has to do with the sound), the Navy actully being apart of the light settings & such, and also an important lession about the EDC... they don't fool around! Don't bring your stuff back late! EVER! I can't believe someone was made to pay 60 dollars. I understand the reasoning I just find it crazy!

So now I'm going to go to a yard sale and look for a camera that say "DIW or ASA on it, so it will be 20 year's old or older and worth some money. So I can pawn it then pay NESCom so they can buy a fancy new one. : )

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More class work.

Tim Berners-Lee, Internet Pioneers.

I found this really really interesting and actually something that I think people should know, at least people who are always on the web! and of course NESComers. It's such a large part of everything we do here at NESCom.
I found all info about his past interesting but the thing I honestly found the most interesting is that you can contact him yourself. I just feel like that isn't really offered really at all in today's world. I guess kindness is just something that amazing me. : ) As I believe it will most people.
Also I found that 10 thousand hits a day in 1993 is so many! I know sites get so many more today but I didn't even know of the internet in 93 granted i was like 4 but I don't even think my parents knew about the internet. Plus access to the internet back them was so much more limited.
I also think it's amazing how many achievements he's had in his life and just the amount of achievements he's had is something for everyone to strive for.

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I would love

if my hair would look like this.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
And of course as always I'm starving in class So i'd loveeee some of those cupcakes please!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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I want this shirt & the shorts, just so cute : )
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rules to remember.

Acadia National Park.

Bar Harbor, Maine. : )
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Emmy & I.
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Thunder Hole.
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Bar Harbor is beyond gorgeous. : ) If any of you all ever have the chance to go to it. I highly suggest you do. : )

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I want...

all these please. : )
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He's just to cute! I must have one... someday.
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& of course I'm hungry... & those just look so pretty!
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& I'll live here please : )

Sunday, September 5, 2010

class work.

Here are the link's to semi intersting but yet boring vidoe's we watched in class & for homework.
We also had to read a little history of the internet.

I found these a bit boring partly because I believe I watched them in Scott Taylors class but also subject just doesn't interst me. I love internet and use it alot of course. But the history of it... eh, I could do without. I personaly found reading the history better then watching it. It was so hot in class I wanted to fall asleep... But reading atleast kept me awake! hah. : )
I think it's really intersting how during an "era" we think we have the best tech. and that we can't think of how of anything that we could be more advantanced. but they always find something more advanced.
I didn't know that "button's" were inveted so long ago. During web design I thought they were so complex and kinda hard to do and to think that back during the 70's ,I believe, they were doing something like that, atleast starting it! To me that was the most interneting part! : )
& of course I love the internet for facebook, twitter, youtube and all those fun modern things! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Class work.

I'm taking a Web Technologies course this semester because we all know I could use to help with computers & the internet in general, pluss we get to learn alot of other neat things.
So this post is just for that class!

"Write about how you use the Internet in your daily life and why it is or is not important to you”
I use the web for many things: this blog (still needs a little touching up), army wives forum, email, IM's, facebook, skype, shopping, homework (like this!), so many different things, I'm sure I've forgotten something.
I find it very important. Not only for homework needs and research but also for social life in today's world, also it's a great way to find support among others who are going though a simular thing as you (forums). I find the web to be very important but I'm finding out right now that I am able to live without it... or atleast mostly without it. The internet in the dorms stinks! Our wireless is out so were back to the stone ages (haha) using "wired internet" but event that isn't really working great and cuts out alot. But still I couldn't see myself without the internet!

This could possible be true love.

Yes I mean the shoes & glits on the skirt. I'm head over heals in love. I need some!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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I'd love to have this forever. : ) Please.
I'm talking to a new guy & so far he's so sweet. But were taking it wicked wicked slow and just talking as friends right now. Tonight I went out and got him a little birthday gift. I got a red soxs t & I'm trying to think of something else small to get him. anyone have any ideas? just "manly things" hah!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

oh life...

just need to keep thinking this...
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& I'd be nice to spend a few days in that! ha...

& maybe a stack of these for those few days in bed!
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being back at college for tranning really sucks, I really have a couple good friends who are also RA's but being on my floor way up at the tip top alone is so scary! 9 people to one huge building is just to few for my liking!
but atleast we get cute blue polos this year instead of the huge ugly tanish ones! Glad I look amazing in blue! : )
you can always find positive in everything in life. : )

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fashion shoot

with myself. : ) I went shopping yesterday so while waiting for my friends I took a few pictures.
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top from express, shorts from ae, sweater from express & don't mind the hair, it was a bad hair day if I've ever had one!
and a cake I a couple days ago. :)
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