Wednesday, November 17, 2010

class blog.

The video from last class wasn't exactly interesting to me. Sometimes it made me laugh when they would talk about myspace... such an old social media site. But the references were just so funny!
I think we had basically already talked about everything the video talked about. The google stuff... and if we hadn't covered it in class we've been talking about it in my public relations tech class with our CR-Z project. Were learning all kinds of ways to see how many people have been to our! : )
I did agree on the fact that you have to build the website for the user... I feel that sometimes people forget this. like the terrible websites we looked at a couple classes ago. Just because you know how to use it and what every little circle link does doesn't mean your consumer will!
Interactive websites are very interesting and I would like to see more of them... I actually googled them but I didn't find a lot. hah. They are not only fun to plan on and spend time at but they are interesting to look at.
The video was boring for the most part but there were some things that could be interesting. : )

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