Friday, December 3, 2010

The sematic web (class work video)

So I'm sitting here watching this sematic web video right now trying to keep my eyes open! Don't get me wrong this man is basically my hero... where would we be without the internet today? I'm pretty sure I couldn't even function without it! I got almost a day without checking facebook or my email and I'm in a panic!
But really as much as I love and adore the internet & this man... none of this is interesting like it should be! Especially for someone taking a web tech class! and at least so far everything seems like the first videos we watched in class about the history of the web. But as I'm watching I have a question... what are the sofa's under the big screen for? hah... do they have a point!?
I also feel like ( at least to me)the internet has been around forever, I know it really wasn't, but I feel like this man should be older then he looks! He looks a tad young to have invented such an amazing life changing thing!
In general that is sadly about what I have gotten from this video. : ( It just couldn't keep my attention. : (

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