Saturday, November 6, 2010

oh video... (class blog)

I can't say that I learned much I didn't know. It was more of a refresher from when I took miserable Video 1.
But I did find out assignment very interesting. Who knew replacing two shots could do so much. Not me that's for sure. It was pretty neat to watch how that worked with everyone's video's.
Also I enjoy doing the video stuff, it was different then the normal computer in front of us.
I think it was good to recall these things like the headroom, tilt, pan, the rules and such. Video could be used in anyone's job down the road and a refresher is always good.
I wish we would of had been able to try to edit a video on our own. As much as it would of taken time and you aren't able to do so in the meeting house I feel like for this being a starter class some students may not know that you have to edit your own videos here at NESCom and I feel like even one class over in NESCom playing around with editing would of been neat : ) at least maybe for future classes : )

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