Monday, October 11, 2010

Shopping day : )

Today I found some pretty awesome sales... The best had to be at Old Navy, I don't normaly find anything there but I stoped in anyways & found a plad scarf for 3 dollars : ) I love it!
Also I found some winter boots finally...
Normaly they are so ugly or so much money. I have a hard time spending money on boots to wear in the snow!
I got sporto duck boots. I love them! They are so cute : )
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Now I kinda can't wait for snow to fall so I can wear them!

any idea's on jackets? : )


  1. Hey woman. I'm Katelyn from AWF. I had no idea you had a blog til now! Mine is

    P.S. I LOVE those shoes, I think I might have to get some :)

  2. I didn't know you did eather! I'm gonna follow you... I just started this thing, I had to for class so I figured I should make it fun! : )

    & thanks! ps Jack is way too cute!