Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm not fully postive on these anwsers because of oversleepyness! : ( But I will do my best off the notes you provided and my basic video knowledge. : )

What are the concepts that Frank Welch went over? The concepts in general would be composition, rule of thirds. There are so many differnt compositions like: head room, nose room, tilt, pan, 2/3's rule, action shoots, still shoots, and fram & such. : ) For the rule of thirds is just like when we learned about phototograhy, you don't always want everything dead middle.... the best stuff normaly isn't shoot center!

What is the impact of editing a video? I personaly think that editing video is what makes a video amazing. Just like the CR Zazzy video that was just made for my PR Tech class. The shoot was done very well but also the editing was amazing. The music added in was perfect for the target market along with the color's looking great the cuts being clear and matching up with well placed fades and cuts.

What did you "learn" about video? From reading the notes provided I learned a bit about the X,Y,Z thing. I don't recall ever learning that and I find it very intersting. When I took intro to video i never really thought about my distance from whatever i was shooting really. I just made sure it fit in the screan and looked clear and foused and was white blanced.

What would you like to learn about video? Personally video isn't my favorite thing to learn about... I'll take marketing over it anyday! : ) But I'd love to have a better understanding of how to make a video look good, like how to take a good shot from an angeal that looks great!

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