Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Learning Video (class work)

The most intersting part of the video class today was how funny I found the guy to be (I even put that in my notes).

I find the video things pretty boring, one full video class for me was more then enough!
But I did learn a few thinsg today like that bandwidth basically gave us HDTV. Without bandwidth HDTV would be like impossible, and that would be a sad day. : (
Also I learned the difference between a byte, a kilo byte, a mega byte, a giga byte and a tera byte, which I'm pretty sure I was the only person at NESCom not to know what they were... but all that has changed : ) I now understand the NESCom byte lingo.

I also learned alot about compression which honestly got a bit confusing. I think NESCom should have there own dictionary, I sure could of used one with all the terms that come along with compress. Like for temporal compression, Iframes (less compression), pframes (more compression that doesn't have to write so much info) and bframes, where well honestly I got so lost!

Todays topic was actully pretty intersting but also very confusing in a way! Over all I learned something that maybe I'll use someday? : )

Hope your day is going better Mrs. Gurney. : )

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